Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nature Drawing #3

Besides working on my quilts I have been drawing, not quite as much as I should be doing, but I try to work on something for at least an hour every day.

First images are more animal studies, this time dogs. I downloaded a lot of dog images from google, and printed them out as oversize contact images, tried to have them about 3 x 3 inches so I can see some detail but not a huge amount. That size lets me put about 6 images on a page. I did several pages of these dog sketches, some better then others.

Then I tried a longer study, I actually did this boy and dog as a sketch prior to doing the longer study, but this study is better.

About this point I felt I should go on with my reading in the book. Chapter four is about drawing plants. First exercise is supposed to have us drawing a simple plant shape. Making a total of 4 drawings, contour, from memory, a gesture drawing then a detail drawing. Hmm I did multiple sketches, the contour, one from memory and different views of the same object more or less detailed. I used a pine cone that I had picked up on one of my walks for this exercise. I sort of did some getsture drawings but not really need to remember to do that type of drawing. Some views are more sucessful then others. I sort of like the contour drawing in the lower left the best.

Last image for this post is a detailed pen and ink study that I did from a photo I took of a blooming May Apple. This year was the first time in 40 or so years that I had actually seen one in bloom. So I was delighted to say the least. When I had the basic outlines inked in I added color by using colored pencils.

Time to go back to the book for my next exercise which is a plant study. I suppose I have sort of done that but will probably do it again using one of my smaller house plants. Comments per usual welcome.