Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nature Sketching #2

I am trying to draw something everyday, if not a finished drawing then at least sketches. I read the 3rd chapter in my drawing from nature book and I think that is the major piece of information that I took away. Course I already knew that, if you want to draw something well you need to draw it over and over, and you need to do a lot of drawings.

I decided this past week that I want to improve my animal drawing skills so I downloaded some pictures of squirrels and printed them out as smallish images on one sheet of paper. I used those for my rough sketches. The image below is just one page of dwgs I did more then one.

Then I moved on to do a more detailed study from a photo I had taken of a squirrel in a Chicago park. Cheeky fellow, he had no fear of us two legged folk, I have a feeling people fed him, this is certainly a begging pose.

I have also started a pen and ink study of some sea gulls, a composite drawing from some photo's I took earlier this year.

I am also working on a small quilt. Hopefully my next blog update will be pictures of that. Until then happy drawing, and per usual comments are welcome. Oh, one additional comment, the pencil drawings were small enough that I could scan them, I think they are easier to see if scanned, the sea gulls is a bit larger so I had to take a photo, also the pencil I used to sketch them is a harder lead, easier for me to erase later, but harder for you to see in the photo.