Monday, June 8, 2009

Nature Drawing #4

I meant to do this update yesterday, but with one thing and another I hadn't gotten the next exercise for my Nature Drawing finished. So I drew it last night. The subject is one of my house plants, a relatively small Jade plant that I started from a cutting last year. The exercise that I was supposed to be doing was the plant study drawing, but I think I will consider it as the studies for the next two exercises also, proportion and shape, and foreshortening as I had to do both with this plant. I did one detail sketch, a gesture drawing, and one that is more or less from memory.

Jade plant detail

The gesture drawing is on the left, and the memory drawing on the right

I may not have gotten to the book exercise until Sunday, but I have been doing other sketches. To continue with some animal studies I was working last week from chipmunk photo's. You can see an example of what I was doing below, one page out of the couple I did.

What was keeping me away from the drawing pad was trying to do some clean up/de-cluttering around my apartment. Like many I have way too much stuff. Toward the end of last week I decided that it was time to try and get all my beading supplies put away. I haven't been beading since last summer so really there was no reason for them to be out and about cluttering up my living space. There were also some magazines that it was time to go through, glean what I though would be useful in the future and then get out of the apt. In doing this I found an image of a CA fox which I used for this drawing.

I think all my dog sketching helped do this guy.

I also spent some time working on the sea gull drawing, it is coming along but not quite ready for display. My next Nature Drawing exercise is to draw a flower. I am either going to have to go raid someones garden, buy some flowers in the grocery store or pick something in a field. Course I suppose I could always draw my one of the miniture cycliman blooms. I have a red minture cycliman plant that is blooming like mad. Hard to believe now that when I purchased this plant it looked like it was dying. They had neglected the poor thing at the store where it was being sold. I was able to get it at a discount, but look at it now.

That's it for today's post. My goals for the week are to work on my Challenge quilts, (I am way behind) draw my flower exercise, and work on some more finished drawings. Everyone have a good week, and don't forget that comments are welcome.