Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nature Drawings #5

Last week I finally made a point of getting out to some waste fields and picked some wildflowers to sketch. The book exercises (Nature Drawing) wanted me to sketch the flowers with a fair amount of detail from different viewpoints. Studying the flower to see how the petals look when the flower is viewed from the side or the top etc. So the first image is of an ox eye daisy from 4 different views.

Not too bad, but I wasn't feeling in the mood to do a lot of fine detail work, so they aren't as good as they should be either. The pen and ink drawing I did last fall of the black eyed susan's is better. But then the black eyed susan's don't have as many petals as the ox eyed daisies do so they were a bit easier to draw.

I had picked a variety of flowers so then I did one page of sketches of some of the others. Just an aside, I am not in the habit of picking wild flowers, and I certainly wouldn't pick any native or endangered flower no matter where I found it. Most of my flower drawings are done from Photo's. However for this last study exercise I needed to be able to view the flower from different angles so I needed real flowers. Most of these are your standard (for here in MA anyway) Alien plants not native. These will spring up in just about any waste field, so I consider them available for picking.

left is I think a knapweed of some sort
Top right - Spring Vetch
bottom right hoary alyssum

After the flower drawings I decided I needed to do some portrait sketches, magazines often have photo's of their article contributors so I used 3 of those to do the sketches below. Didn't spend a lot of time on them but all in all I was pleased with how they came out.

From June 2009 Discovery Magazine

Other than these sketches my main focus last week was working on some quilting projects. Nothing new finished, just making progress with several projects and trying to do those last finishing details on a couple of the small quilts I recently finished, like putting on hanging sleeves and labels.

Hopefully I will have more images next week.