Wednesday, July 15, 2009

FFFC Challenge #34

Chair With a View

No update last week, sorry about that, I have been in a bit of a mental fog and haven't gotten a lot accomplished. I finally pushed myself to finish this June's challenge quilt, image above. I am calling this little one Chair with a View. It is smaller then the last couple of challenge quilts I have finished only 9.5 x 13 inches. The challenge was to use a color triad, I choose the primary colors of red, yellow and blue, though my blue looks very grayed in this photo it is really a brighter blue in person. The design element to be included was texture, so I decided that buttons would be my texture element for this small quilt. I went out to a local (well semi local, I don't have a store that is closer then about 20 miles) Joanns to purchase the buttons since I didn't have the right colors in my button hoard. I was lucky to find most of the ones I needed at a discount so didn't have to spend too much money, buttons in case you haven't looked have gotten a bit pricey, esp when you need a lot of them. I picked buttons in the 3 colors I was using in various sizes. I used machine applique to sew down the fabric design elements, then sewed on the buttons. No particular plan except to try and balance the sizes and colors. I used pearl cotton to attach the buttons with so they should be attached for life. Then I machine quilted the chair, walls and floor. Actually though it took way to long to finish I rather like it. It was a bit of a change from my usual, though the chair is a structure so it does fit with my theme of structures that I am doing for these challenges.

Per usual comments are welcome. Hopefully I will be back on track with another blog update next week. Probably drawings, at least I hope so since I have been slacking off and need to get back to them.