Friday, August 7, 2009

August Update

Just a short note today then I am going to go off to the Lowell Quilt Festival in Lowell, MA. Should be fun and I should be able to see lots of wonderful art quilts at one of the related exhibit sites.

As for what I have been doing, nothing finished which is why I haven't done any blog updates. I did spend some time sketching in the Blue Hill Exhibit area, deer and these people. Nothing finished and I don't think these are all that wonderful, I need to spend more time sketching from life. Sorry the image is so light, I did do some adjusting in photo shop, but there is only so much that can be done with a pencil drawing done with a fairly light lead. The Blue Hill exhibit area isn't exactly a zoo, they have animals but only those native to the Blue Hill's and MA. Most have been injured so couldn't survive in the wild. I am sure the turtles could, but ....

Otherwise I have been working on a couple of quilts, I have designs for a couple of challenge pieces. One is at the need to sew stage, but I have been working on the quilting on the top below. I finally (after literally years) decided on an outer border pattern, got it marked, and now finally finished quilting yesterday. Still have some threads to tuck away, and obviously the inner sections of the quilt still need to be quilted. I want to see if I can find some dark green quilting thread for one of the inner borders, hopefully a vendor will be there with the threads I want, King Tut. The thread I was using for the outer border was of an unknown brand and I had trouble with breakage. I am tentatively call this Late Arrival, but am open to other suggestions. Leave me a note here or to my e-mail. Not saying I will change the name, but I am not totally satisfied with my current ideal.

Late Arrival

When I had finished the outer edge of the quilting I wasn't sure that I cared for the look of the variegated thread I used. But I think it is growing on me. Good thing as there is no way I would attempt to take it out. It is very close quilting and would be a nightmare to take out, not to mention that it would probably ruin the top.

My other activities have been to sell some of my quilting books on e-bay and to open an Esty shop. Neither have been what I would call totally successful, but I am slowly getting rid of some of my library of quilt books which I never or rarely use. I am sure I have priced some of my Esty items too high, but darn it I won't give away my labor. This is mainly an experiment to see what happens and I am willing to give it a bit of time. The sale of the books on e-bay will support the Esty shop.

Per usual all comments welcome.