Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of Summer 09

In just over a week I will be back in school. In some ways I am looking forward to it and in others I am not. I expect I will enjoy a couple of the classes, but not sure about the Graphic Design class. I know I will probably be happy with the output, but... getting there is hard no two ways about it, and I have been very lazy this summer. On the plus side I will have more material for the blog which has been a bit neglected this summer.

What have I been doing these past couple of weeks, I have been working on the quilting of a small quilt and the design work on a challenge piece. First the small quilt, I am calling it Late Arrival

I updated the photo I originally uploaded on 9/2/09, this one is better, had some sun this morning. Heavy machine quilting in the outer border with more simple quilting for the inner borders and triangle pieces. Center blocks were paper pieced, and I used hand dyed fabrics, Cherrywoods I think, and the hand marbleized fabric for the yellow/red/green corners. I am thinking about adding some beading to the yellow border, but haven't gotten that far yet. The pattern there was done with pearl cotton on top of the machine quilting I did earlier. Not as even as it could have been but I am not sure I would want it more precise. I just managed to finish the binding on this last evening so it still needs some work - the beading if I decide to do it, a hanging sleeve and a label.

My other project has been sitting and waiting for me, I got the design done and the fabrics picked out and the pieces that need to be sewn down cut out and glued down but not much further. Since this was supposed to be my challenge quilt for July this is not good. Oh well and now I have another challenge from the FFFC challenge group, transparency with a horizontal design element. Have been thinking about what I want to do but haven't really done any design work on that just yet.

Again not a very good photo, for this one I used the flash so the light isn't even. There will be a spider web between the two uprights when I get around to quilting this. I am sure I want to add beads and there are plans to include a spider in the center of the web.

Hope everyone had a wonderful summer. I am still selling some of my quilting books on e-bay and trying to add items to my Etsy shop. As always comments are welcome.