Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lowell Quilt Festival

Not a good picture I admit, but the best of what I took I fear. This is the inside of the Tsongas Area in Lowell, MA. where I attended Images 2009 last Friday. Great show, with venues all over the city that also show fiber art. I only had time and energy to view the main show, the exhibit of MA historic quilts at the NE Quilt Museum and the exhibit of art quilts at the Whistler.

Saw some beautiful quilts, some art, some traditional, and I enjoyed my day out very much, though it was exhausting. I was able to listen to the gallery talk at the Quilt Museum, very interesting esp. as I love to look at older quilts. Some of these quilts were almost 200 years old. The Whistler quilts being modern art quilts were at the completely opposite end of the quilt spectrum. Lovely work, the Jury selected some beautiful and interesting quilts, I really loved the best of show.

I did take pictures, just pictures of Lowell, which is a historic city that has been greatly restored. I don't usually take pictures of quilts at quilt shows. I will if I am asked to for a special reason, and have taken pictures of friends quilts to show other friends who couldn't attend the event. Last fall I took a lot of pictures at a show, both of quilts and overall, so that I could create a brochure of the event for one of my classes at school. But I don't take pictures for me to have and review. Don't get me wrong I love looking and seeing what others have done, but I don't want/need to have pictures. Am I alone in feeling this way? I see a lot of folks with cameras taking pictures, do you take pictures at shows, if you do why?

I have started selling many of my quilting books on E-bay. I need to de-clutter and I realized that while I had read the books when first I purchased them, I don't usually go back to them for any reason so they are just sitting on my shelves and collecting dust. So I am selling them. There are some I will keep for various reasons (because they are good reference books) but most of them will go. I think not using the books is like my not wanting photos, I don't want to make someone else's quilt. Not sure I have quite developed my own voice but I am trying to.

As always comments are appreciated.