Monday, September 7, 2009

Mandala in progress

Just a short entry tonight to give everyone a sneak peak as to what my in-progress Mandala is looking like.  Heaven only knows when it will actually be finished but right now I do want to keep working on it. Sorry about the glare, I needed to use the flash on the camera to have enough light to not blur the picture. I did try to scan it but it is too large to fit on the bed of my scanner. As you can see the center is done and I have the squared corners done. I need to finish the outline drawings for the 3rd large ring, and I need to come up with a motif for the outer ring. I started sketching an outer motif for squaring the circle but not sure I will actually use it, I want to finish all the rings before I decide. The theme for this Mandala is the Sea. Have a couple of more motifs that I intend to add in the next outer ring. This has been fun to do, and keep coming up with ideas for others. That is for the future if I have the motivation after I finish this one.

I hope when it is done to post it to the  Mandala Project web site. But that is for the future, in the meantime comments are welcome.

Comments welcome.