Monday, September 21, 2009

Sea Mandala Finished and Some 3D process photo's

Sea Mandala

It is finished, well, I may do a little bit of touch up here and there but all the rings are done. I trimmed it a bit and signed my name. It is a little over 10 inches in diameter, so while it isn't small it isn't huge. This photo is OK but I need to take another a bit clearer and without the shadow on the right side. In the meantime this is good enough for the blog. I had fun doing this and may do another. Just have to decide on a theme, though I am thinking leaves and trees right now, or maybe veggies.  Opinions are always welcome so if you have one let me know.

My other projects for the weekend were to work on my Graphic Design I posters, I am making progress there, but they are computer graphics so no images for you on those yet.  In Illustration we are drawing boxes, a berry box to be exact, but that is still being inked so no images there so far this week, it will be done by my next class on Wed. so when I update the blog again there will be a photo of that.

I do have some in progress photo's for you from my 3D design project. First the clay model:

Slightly smashed from being put into a plastic bag when I brought it home from class.

Ready to start assembling

A view of my workspace before I started gluing. In the upper left corner are the templates I made for the design. I used Corel Draw, drew a Circle then took a bite out of it, then I combined the 2 elements and proceeded to enlarge the basic shape, from about 1 inch in Diameter to about 5 inches, with a change of about a half inch between each circle. I used Corel Draw instead of Illustrator because I can have multiple pages in one file in Corel and I needed to be able to spread all my templates out on sheets to print. Illustrator only allows for a single page per file. The brown circles are the cut outs used for the actual construction. The little half circles are spacers for between the layers.

One view of my finished sample object.

Slightly different view

Frontal View

Now I need to make some large charcoal sketches and take it to class Tuesday morning for a critique. Then I get to make the final size which should be more like 8 inches in size. Hopefully the instructor will like what I have done so I don't have to make many changes. So far I am pleased with it. 

As usual comments are welcome.