Friday, October 2, 2009

Graphic Design Posters Done

Tuesday I finished my designs for my first Graphic Design project, and took a thumb drive over to Staples to have them printed. The size is 18 x 24 inches, so they were expensive to print, add into that the charges for having them mount the prints it all added up to a bit more then I would preferred.  As for the results, I was pleased with the posters when I first picked them up, but after our class critique on Thursday, I am not so happy. The instructor was generally not pleased with how the class did. I know I messed up with the position of the text on the 2nd poster, and in hindsight I should have lightened the table and the floor color.  Ah well, I really don't want to spend the money to reprint but.... will see what I get for a grade on this and then maybe decide. Because of the dark floor on the 2nd poster you can't see the lost button which is down in the lower left of the image. One reason why I am not happy with the dark floor. I am pleased with the graphic designs, I like the drawing of the doll, and I am happy with the family "photo".  I think if I had had a bit more time, but then isn't that the usual complaint with art projects.

I do have some other images for the blog. These next two are from my Illustration class. This time the instructor brought tools from his home and we each had to pick one to draw and then ink, using lines only. The tool I chose is some type of shears, not sure if they are for pruning or for metal. They aren't huge, but not small either. Anyway first image is my drawing. I think I drew this object at least 3 times with all the erasures and redrawing I did. But I feel the resulting image is fairly accurate. The last image is my pen and ink rendering of the tool. I feel the lines on the tool body and head work fairly well, I am not totally pleased with the line work for the handles or the shadows. I think the shadow work would have been better if I had used a finer pen nib. Oh well we are learning and part of learning is making mistakes. Homework for my next Illustration class is to use stippling on a natural object, in my case a shell.  So come back next week some time and I will hopefully have that image posted for you to see.

Pencil drawing

Final inked image.

I have also been doing some work on a new mandala. This one has a tree theme, I am using images of leaves and some seeds so far. I may have an in-progress photo for you next week. That's it for now, as always comments are welcome.