Saturday, November 21, 2009

Aluminum Protozoa Finished

I know sounds weird doesn't it. Well it is an aluminum protozoa so the title is accurate. Course it is not a real protozoa, it is something out of my imagination mostly. I did take parts of the design from real protozoa so I suppose it is a possible animal, but somehow I doubt that real life would combine all these features in one animal.

It took almost one sheet of .020 aluminum plus I don't know how many rivets, lots of sweat (my hands inside rubberized gloves) and effort to put this together during about 10 hours of work. Still I think the instructor will be pleased. I will be turning it in during my 3-D class next Tuesday morning. The theory was that we would spend one class cutting aluminum and one class assembling (the instructor brought in drill guns, hammers, anvils and other tools) The one class cutting worked out OK, at least for me, I had my design done. But 4 hours of assembly just wasn't enough for me to get this together. I spent a couple of hours at home Thursday night with an ice pick doing some final put together, then another 1 hour at school yesterday morning putting in the finishing rivets and a last piece or two. Pattern on the aluminum was done with a ball peen hammer before assembly. I think it is sort of cute, if an aluminum sculpture can be said to be cute. More photos below. From tip to tip is is about 26 inches long, and at the wides 13.5 inches, so it isn't small.

Per usual comments are welcome. My next images should be more Illustration work, I am in the middle of a colored pencil drawing of an emergency vehicle in an emergency of it's own.