Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Air Brush and 3-D Images

Hope everyone in the States had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was good, I spent the morning working on my web site design then went to visit friends in the afternoon for food and conversation. The rest of the weekend I spent mostly doing homework. Though I am happy to say I managed to fit in some fabric cutting. I am trying to make bags as Christmas gifts. Wish me luck, I had to play with the pattern I found so this should be interesting.

At left is my 2nd try at air brush. The paint areas that are spotty are because I left the frisket on too long (over the long Thanksgiving weekend) I should have taken it off and then put it back on this morning to spray the body. Not too bad, but not great either. I think my air brush skills need a lot of work.  The instructor provided the drawing that we used so everyone was doing the same illustration for this class study. Our next project is to do hot air balloons, those we are sketching from reference materials so everyone will have something different.

My only other pictures today are from my 3-D design class where we are building rectilinear cast plaster sculptures. I had to take what I designed in class last Tuesday, make a larger clay model, sketch the model, measure it, use the proportion wheel to get sizes for a larger piece and then build mold forms out of cardboard and glue gun.  Below is a picture of my clay model, one of the 2 sketches I did, then pictures of my work area and the finished mold forms.

We are supposed to be mixing and pouring plaster in class tomorrow so I should have a finished piece to show next week. Then we do spherical shapes as a space study. I have no clue how we are supposed to create mold forms for those pieces, it should be interesting.

That's it for this post. Not a lot, I am working on a couple of pieces for Graphic Design, a CD case (almost done) and my final project. Not sure how I will photograph either of those but I will give it a try when I have them done. Per usual comments are welcome.