Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Final 3-D Projects

My 3-D Design classes are done, over, fini.  I have mixed feelings about this, the class was more fun then I expected, but it was also a lot of work with, lets face it, strange materials.

Our last material was essentially plaster, very messy stuff to work with no question. Above are my last two forms for this class. The top one is my rectilinear form that you saw the in process photos for. This photo shows the blocks cleaned up and assembled on a piece of wood using pins and some glue to stabilize the structure. I won't bore you with pictures of a 360 view. I think this one image gives you a fair idea of what it looks like.  I find it interesting that I was the only class member (out of those who have finished assembling their form) that used a gap between elements. Not sure what this says about me or them, so this is just a comment.

The next photo is my curvilinear form. I don't know if this is the best angle to view this form from but I sort of liked the picture so this is what you get. The plaster for this structure was different from the rectilinear from, harder and to be honest I think it was easier to work with as far as clean up went. At least it was easier to sand. On review of the finished piece I am not sure that the masses of the disk and rod shapes are different enough for the assignment. We were supposed to have a dominate mass, then a secondary mass, then a 3rd mass smaller then either of the other two. The small sphere is OK, but I think my disk should have been thicker, though it was made from the volume of clay that I used for the large rectangular block. Well the whole disk was before I took out the triangular section to set the rod into. The rod was made from the clay unit that I used for the upright rectangular form from, but I did take a lot of material off of that shape when I was cleaning it up. So I don't know if the curvilinear form meets the requirements or not, this translates into not knowing what my final grade on that project will be.

Will just have to wait and see. Oh, I am not worried about passing the course, I attended all the classes, turned in all the homework on time, did pretty well on the tests and for the most part I think I got good marks on my projects, so the question is, do I get an A or a B?

As a total aside does anyone want an aluminum imaginary protozoa? I have one that I will willingly give away if anyone wants it. It doesn't really fit the decor in my Apt, and I have no desire to hang onto it.

That's it for this post. I have two final projects that I can post, my Graphic Design final and my Illustration final. The Illustration final drawing is done I just need to print it for the Instructor. Graphic Design I am still working on. Per usual comments are welcome.