Sunday, December 20, 2009

Illustration - Last Project

Above is my last/final Illustration project. For this sign/label we moved to Adobe Illustrator, so this is a file not a drawing done with pen and paint. Below is the sketch I did for this assignment. I scanned this sketch then placed it on a layer in Illustrator, adding more layers and using the pen tool I traced the butterfly and added color. The text was added using the text tool in Illustrator and you can see I ended up leaving out a lot of text. Also the torn corner of a wing didn't work all that well so I ended up detaching one of the wing segments. The assignment was to create a new label for fragile items, but we couldn't use the traditional wine glass it had to be something different.  I know that some students were using eggs, but we didn't do a class critique so I didn't see anyone elses work. Our other restriction was that it could only be one color with black, so it is a 2 color job for a printer.

I have also finished my Dreamweaver class, and now need to find a Hosting service and get it uploaded. I will let everyone know when it is on-line, but probably not until after Christmas at this point.

One class left, that is if I can dig the car out from our blizzard, not sure how much snow we have out there it is still snowing so I haven't been out to look, but it is cold and windy and I think there is more snow then I would prefer. The good news is that I should be able to dig out by Tuesday for class, I have basically finished my shopping, my flight to Chicago is on Wed and there is no more snow in the forecast between now and then. Also no snow in the Chicago forecast so the flight should go OK. I think I have the Graphic Design Final project finished - well the computer part, I still need to print it and assemble the booklet. Not sure how I am going to do that, I prefer to spray the glue outside, but it is snowing and cold so I have to think of another way to do this, maybe wait until tomorrow.

Hope everyone's holiday preparations are going well at this point. That's it for this post. Comments per usual are welcome - except from spammers, had one of those yesterday and deleted it as soon as I realized it was there. Though why they would pick my blog I have no clue, I am not exactly a highly trafficked site, not even sure how they stumbled across it.