Monday, February 22, 2010

Graphic Design Brochure Finished

Today I handed in my first Graphic Design II project. This project was to create a brochure for the non-profit organization that I created the logo for back in Intro to Graphic Design (almost a year ago). My non-profit is the Mass Audubon Society. So when the brochure was assigned I went out to their web site to see what event I could create a brochure for. The event I selected was their Annual Birders meeting to be held on March 6, 2010. I downloaded all of the information from the Mass Audubon site and used that to create the text information for my Brochure. The second image shows the brochure opened out, with the actual front where it would be addressed for mailing. The next image is the inside as it would look as you first open it up. 

This last image is the opened out brochure. 

I am fairly pleased with how this came out. I was originally going to make it 8 inches square, but Friday when I was working on the final layouts I did a printing where I accidentally printed the document at full size (accidentally because I can't print Ledger paper which I needed to use to fit the 16 inch length of my document). I was able to see enough of the document on the legal paper that I had in the printer that I went - ACK, this won't work. So I decided to reduce the brochure to 6 inches square. That meant a fair amount of rework and fiddling with the text. That basically blew my Friday and nothing else really got done. On the plus side, reducing the size meant that I didn't have to take it out to be printed so could fiddle with it at home and get it just the way I wanted it.  It is printed on 4 sheets of legal paper, then I trimmed the sheets, and using spray glue assembled the brochure. For once I did a pretty good job with the spray glue, and it is hard to tell how I assembled the piece. The brochure was designed using Adobe Photoshop (for the photo editing) and In-Design, Adobe's publishing program. Oh, before I forget the birds are, a Great Blue Heron, a Green Heron and a Kestrel. I used two different images of Kestrels. All are birds that nest in MA.

Our next project is to do an Informational poster or multi media layout. I am planning on doing something regarding directions for using my new camera. Right now I am tending toward doing a multi-media document such as what you see on some web sites, using rollovers and fly outs, but still have to do more thinking before I commit. 

I have one last image, this is my latest mandala that I have been working on while watching the Winter Olympics. I am not sure what to call this one, no images of plants or animals, it is sort of based on Celtic designs but not entirely. I am open to suggestions, and also interested in any other comments. 


I have some photo's that I have been taking for photography but think I will wait until later in the week to post those. I am also hoping to get a good impression/print of my second plate in Intaglio for my next update.