Monday, March 15, 2010

Information Design Poster

Above is the final version of my Information Design poster for my Graphic Design II class. As I mentioned in other posts I chose to use my new camera as the subject of the poster. Obviously I had to limit what information I put on the poster so I confined myself to the Mode Dial, and the settings of shutter speed and aperture. I ignored white balance, ISO and whole bunch of buttons when selecting information for the poster.

This is the 3rd layout I created in Adobe In-Design. I rather liked the first one, a mistake, as my Instructor took it apart and sent me back to the computer to work up another version. The 2nd was OK, but I never really liked it. Viewing that file the Instructor asked me to move the shutter speed elements to the left and the mode dial illustration to the right so I did. I think this one works, finally.

This project is actually over-sized 18 x 20 inches and I need to take the file out and have it printed so I have it for class next Monday.  The image above is generated from the In-Design file and is not a photograph of a finished poster. The actual layout of the project was done using Adobe In-Design, all illustrations were done with Adobe Illustrator. Most are based on photographs I took of my camera, using my older Canon, but the icons were scanned out of my camera manual. The shutter opening is based on photo's of lenses I found on the web, but there are too many sections for it to be a real lens opening. Some artistic license there I fear, it was easier to use more sections for the illustration, and visually they gave me a smoother round opening. I am rather pleased with my camera illustrations, I left a lot of details out, but hopefully put in enough to make the camera identifiable.

That's it for this post. Not sure if there will be another this week. We are on school break and while I have lots of homework to work on I probably won't have anything finished. If I finish my Photography project I will post that one. It is to create a portrait using objects IE vegetables that we select out of photographs. The idea is to get us to refine our use of Photoshop select tools. Should be interesting.

Per usual comments are welcome.