Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Intaglio Winter Tree

Above is my Winter Tree etching, this print was taken after I re-etched the plate adding more darks. I think it still needs more work, but I will wait until we get to the point in class where we will be doing  aquatinting. I want to darken the upper background a bit, but don't want to use just lines, I think lines would be too easily confused with the branches of the tree. Aquatint will give a different texture to the plate and let me darken areas without lines. I have done it before (when I first did printing) and it is very effective. That said I may ruin the plate - but don't really have anything to loose at this point.

I used Burnt Umber colored ink for my prints, I think it is softer looking then a black ink would be. The print was done on a vanilla colored (cream) paper. I like the combination.

I have finished the drawing work for my next plate. I still need to transfer it down onto the plate, do the drawing in the ground and put it through the etching solution so I can print it next week. Anyway our subject was to take an "old" master and modify it in some way. For example one student is taking the painting of the woman holding a ferret and have her holding a skunk instead. I am taking one of Gustave Caillebotte's paintings, Richard Gallo and his dog at Petit Gennevilliers, and substituting a pig for the dog. Caillebotte was a French Impressionist who had enough money to also become a patron of the arts instead of just a painter, I am sure his very correct gentleman walking his poodle would not be pleased with me. The above link will take you to a web page devoted to Caillebotte's paintings, the actual painting I am referencing is down at the bottom of the 3rd page.
I have to say that I rather like my pig. That is it for this update. I may have photographs later in the week depending on how my photography class goes. I am having fun taking pictures of some glass bobbles in a glass bowl in the meantime. 

Per usual comments are welcome.