Friday, March 19, 2010

Veggie Head

Just a short post today, I am busy trying to work on my homework for Graphic Design, and at this point see no way I am going to have it all done by Monday (sigh) Maybe if I hadn't taken any time off, but hey it is Spring BREAK - I felt I deserved a bit of a break. Anyway one bit of homework I did finish was the Veggie portrait above. This was homework for my Photography class, all shapes are vegetables that I then used the various select tools in Photoshop to crop out of the photos they were in. Hair is garlic chives, ears are fava beans, mouth is made up from a hot pepper, the whites of the eyes are white radishes, the pupils are blueberries, the nose is a squash, the eyebrows are snap peas and last but not least the face is a blue/white pumpkin. Isn't it cute? Well I think it is.  I didn't do any photo-editing other than being selective about what I selected.

Tomorrow I will be taking the school sponsored trip to NYC to visit either galleries and museums or just museums. Probably the latter, modern shock art doesn't really interest me all that much. I don't think I will haul the SLR camera, too large and I don't think the museums or galleries would like me having it. I will take the old Canon, but not sure if I will have any photos from the trip. The weather should be beautiful, sunny, warm, not very March like at all.

I have also been working on a new mandala design. This one has an Egyptian theme, well sort of.