Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life Drawings Part 2

A quick update today, only 2 images from last nights drawing session. Above is my pencil sketch, which I actually rather like, though the face on the colored pencil sketch looks more like the model. I have the head sizes a bit different and to be honest I am not sure which is more correct. I think the one above, but when I realized I might have it wrong on the colored pencil drawing it was a bit late to try and correct it so I left it as it was.  I spent more time on the graphite pencil drawing, and don't feel I did as well with the colored pencil drawing this week. Ah well, what can I say, other then there is always next week.

I almost didn't go last night, we had a very hot muggy day, and the studio being on the 4th floor can get very hot, thankfully the daytime artist had the AC turned on so the temp. wasn't too bad last night , quite bearable in fact.

Well I need to go work on my challenge quilt. Comments as always welcome.