Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sketchbook Project Part 2, and drawings

Above is the finished title page for my Sketchbook giving the theme that I am using for my images. I wanted artwork that would visually represent the theme of the book. Maybe not the best design but I rather like it. I used various media to draw this, a technical pen for the black lines, a couple of colored markers for the green and yellow bits, and colored pencil for the blue letters inside the box.

The next image is my first page spread. Last Friday I stopped by the local farm stand to check on what they might have for sale. Because of all the hot weather we have been having I lucked out and they actually had strawberries. Locally grown strawberries, yummy and I quickly purchased a box to take home to enjoy. And enjoy I did, making some shortcake to have strawberry shortcake with cream. It was pretty much my dinner and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I saved the box the strawberries came in and used it for my first drawing in the sketchbook. Because I had already eaten the strawberries I downloaded reference photographs off the web. So the above image is a combination of a box drawn from life and photographed strawberries. Done with graphite and colored pencils. Because of bleed through I don't like drawing on the left page in sketchbooks, so I think I will be doing simple text images like what is above on my left side pages. In this case the text describes the drawing. I did it first with pen and ink only to realize that I had misspelled a word, so I went to the computer and redid the text in Photoshop, printed it out and glued it into the book. I am not totally pleased with this solution but it works so this is it.

This morning I spent time working on my pages at the Art House web site, uploading the scanned pages shown above, setting up my profile and adding a couple of portfolio images. I will be adding a link to my pages at the Art House site to the blog link list, but you can also find it here.

Last night I went to my first long pose drawing session. I have two drawings for you from that, the first is OK, done in pencil and took most of the evening. The second I did fairly quickly with colored pencils after sketching the models pose with pencil. I don't like it, but though you might like to see it anyway. All of the other artists there were painting, some with oil, others acrylic and one with watercolor. But they would rather have me then not so I will go again. 

Well that is it for this post. I have been doing some sewing and have finish a couple of pencil holders. Progress on the mandala is being made slowly. Comments per usual are welcome.