Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketchbook Project Spread 2

I actually drew this last week, but didn't feel it fit in with the last post so I saved it. I have an idea for my next spread, but I have to pick up some supplies first. Above is a drawing from life of some fresh peas. I was able to purchased about a pound of them last week at my local farm stand. I shelled almost all of them saving just a couple of pods to set up for my mini still life and to draw. After drawing the peas I sketched in the words on the left page, and yes I know they are out of alignment, I realized that before I inked them in, but decided I didn't really care and just went ahead and did the inking. The letter forms are not any standard alphabet, just something I drew based on letter forms I know. The Peas were done with colored pencil over a graphite pencil sketch. There were enough that I was able to enjoyed them at a couple of meals as my vegetable side, yummy.

I have already added this image to my folder on the Art House Co-op site. 

This is it for today. I have been busy this week starting work on a new web site for me and pulling together the June Challenge for the FFFC group. Not going to give away what it is until the reveal next week, but it has been fun doing the research. Per usual comments are welcome.