Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sketchbook Project Spread 3

Above is my 3rd spread for my Sketchbook Project, a green pepper, one on a small plate, with a segment cut from the pepper placed in front but to the side of the plate. I left some seeds on the segment to show a bit more of what is inside of a green pepper. Done with colored pencils after first sketching the pepper with a regular pencil. I had a hard time with the plate, and am still not sure it is quite correct, but it will have to do. It took me longer then I intended to get to this, but once I started it was actually rather fun to do. Not sure where I am going next with these drawings. I feel that I have about finished vegetables, though I may move on to some fruit. Course I may go in an entirely different direction, stay tuned, and remember that comments are welcome.

I have been busy working on a mini-quilt, which is no almost done. Hopefully my next post will be a photo of the finished quilt.