Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Drawings July 26th

We had our final drawing session last night that was run by the models while Scott is away at school. The male model we had way back in June was back. I have to say that I think I did a better job with the drawings the first time he posed for us. The colored pencil drawing I did for his first pose is so much better than what I did last night, oh well. My semi excuse is that I was using the Derwent pencils for the first time at a session, and I need to organize them in the holders in a way that will allow me to find the colors I need more quickly. I also need to learn what colors to use for skin tones etc. 

Not many folks were there last night, just 4 of us in fact (not including the model). What a contrast to a week ago Monday when the place was packed. I am slowly meeting the South Shore Artists who do work. A woman who I hadn't met before came last night, and will I believe be coming back though not for a while since she is going away for the month of August.  Anyway I did far too much talking last night and not enough drawing. It particularly shows in the Colored pencil drawing, though I am thinking there are also issues with the drawing above. At one point I had his torso way too long, and had to do a lot of erasing to make the adjustment. 

In the colored pencil drawing above, I think I have his head too large, and probably have the head too small in the pencil drawing (sigh) I also didn't use enough color on the body, that is a pencil issue which I have a feeling will take a bit of time to work out, learning the colors and what works and what doesn't work. I have a lot more colors with the Derwent pencils then I do with the old Venus line so I have more options which isn't always a good thing. However I cannot replace the Venus pencils, so I really need to learn to work with the Derwent. I am using them for all the work I do at home, so feel I should also be using them in the Studio.  

Otherwise I am thinking about my design for the FFFC July challenge, working on some fun type illustrations, and making more pencil holders. I almost finished another two yesterday, but since I have been adding the Derwent Artist line pencils to the collection I am not really getting ahead of the number of pencils I have. Good thing the holders are relatively easy and quick to make.

That is it for this post, per usual comments are welcome.