Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sketchbook Project Spread 4

After I finished the Green Pepper in June, I sort of went blank for a subject for my Sketchbook drawings. I felt I had done enough with food, at least for the time being but hadn't solidified any new themes. My sister has been offering suggestions, and though this isn't quite one of her suggestions I am going to use variations on what she did suggest for my next few drawings. The mouse above is inside/outside the wall. The cat is sitting on the outside of the wall waiting for the mouse to come just a bit further out. I admit to using reference photographs to draw both cat and mouse, esp the position of the cat. But the actual illustration is from my imagination (and all those cartoons I watched growing up). Since I sort of know what the next 2 pages will be there shouldn't be such a long gap between my posting as there has been between spread 3 and 4. Again this drawing has been done with both graphite and colored pencils.

Thanks for looking and remember comments are welcome.