Friday, July 23, 2010

Sketchbook Project Spreads 5 & 6

Well I have two more spreads finished for the Sketchbook Project, and am back to where I was last week, not sure of what to do next. Oh my, this is going to get interesting I can tell, I only have 33 more spreads to finish before I have to send the book back in January. Obviously I am open to suggestions both now and in the future.

I like the chicks above, but the egg shells should have had a bit more brown in them, oh well done is done, and the actual drawing does look a bit more brown then the scan does, and while I know I can play with the results in Photoshop I decided it worked OK the way it is so I left it. I downloaded and used a bunch of reference photos to create this little drawing. Chicks came from one, eggs another, and the straw from a 3rd, so the final drawing doesn't look like any of my photos. I had fun creating the text on the left, and by using different colors I managed to separate the words. My challenge is to link the description words visually, in this case not to hard, sort of like building a cross word puzzle, but I get to work with a limited number of words.  Sometimes the text isn't quite so easy to layout as in my next spread.

Next image is Spread 6 for the book: Fish in A bowl

I did think about using 3 fish, but the bowl is a bit too small for three fish, and yes I know it isn't a real bowl so if I had really wanted 3 fish I could have put them in, but I think that in the above image the plant acts almost as a third fish. Course I don't see how that poor leaping goldfish could make it back in the bowl, so my image isn't all that realistic when you get right down to it. Again I downloaded reference images and combine different elements to come up with the above drawing. It was fun to do. The text for this one was a bit tricky and I am not sure it totally works, but I didn't want to spend a lot of time with it so just went with the first idea that I felt actually worked. Again I am trying to use color to separate the words visually.

OK I think I am done with this project for this week, now I need to go think about making a Challenge quilt. The FFFC for July is work with a tree design. I love trees so this should be somewhat fun, though we are supposed to use unusual materials, and I am not sure how I will translate that part of the challenge.

Don't forget if you have any theme suggestions let me know, course other comments are also welcome.