Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Augus 9 Figure Drawing

Above is the pencil drawing from last nights long pose session. I rather like this one and feel it is better then I have been doing the last few weeks. I was beginning to get annoyed with myself and how I was doing on Monday nights so I decided I needed to do more drawings during the week. I pulled out my sketchbook from a couple of years ago and have been adding pages. Nothing fantastic, a landscape sketch of the Cape Cod Canal, from my visit down there last Wed. I was looking for some cooling breezes and found them. The canal area was very windy, and after I did the sketch I just sat on a bench and read for a while. It isn't a very good or detailed drawing but at least it was something. Next evening I drew a kitten from a downloaded internet photo and managed to draw a couple more in the next 3 days.

Next is the colored pencil drawing I did, and I am not so happy with this one, the head is a bit too small, other wise I like this drawing.  Ah well, I knew it wasn't right and did try to correct it, but didn't make enough of a change to really correct the problem. It is really hard to make that kind of correction once I start laying in the colors.

Oh well there is always next week, in the meantime I am slowly making progress on my challenge piece. In the past week, freezer paper patterns got made, cut out, ironed to fabrics, fabrics were cut out and attached together with a white glue. Yesterday I got it sandwiched and now for the sewing/quilting part to put it all together. I am hoping to work on it today, though it is pretty muggy and I am not sure I want to sit at the sewing machine. Oh well I would really like to get this done this week so we will see.

Friday is the start of the Lowell Quilt Festival, well actually the start is Thursday night, but I don't really count receptions and such, so for me the first day is Friday. It runs through Sunday, though I think I will try to make it on Friday, or then again maybe I will wait for Sat. Parking is easier on a Sat. since there aren't any Office workers around. Lots to see and do at the Festival so I will make a full day of it. Maybe I will have some pictures, though I don't really like making pictures of quilts. I really do my own thing with my work so even though I enjoy looking I don't need/want to be reminded.

Well that is it for today. Need to get off here and go work on some of my various projects. Per usual comments are welcome.