Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 2 Drawing Session

I haven't done a lot of drawing this past week, at least not in the way of finished art. I have sketched in the next spread/page in my Sketchbook, but it isn't colored. I have been working on the design templates for my FFFC quilt for July's challenge and I pulled fabrics for it but nothing has been cut so far. Mainly I have been sewing, the above photo shows the stack of 10 pencil holders that I now have finished. They are pretty even if I do say so myself. I have strips cut to make about five more, but I think I will put that on hold for a bit while I work on my drawings and my challenge quilt.

Not many folks turned out for last nights drawing session. Not quite sure why, there were only 4 of us not counting the model. They will be doing short pose drawings tonight, but right now I don't think I will be going maybe I will change my mind as my figure drawings don't seem quite right these past couple of weeks and doing the short poses may get me back into the groove.

Above is the pencil drawing that I did of the model last night. Below is the colored pencil drawing.
Scot had the model set up with very directional lighting so we had some strong value contrasts to work with last night. I don't have my darks as dark as they should be in the colored pencil drawing. I spent way too much time doing the pencil layout, and didn't spend enough time laying in the color. Still I think I prefer the colored pencil to the graphite drawing this week.

One other thing I did last week was to open an account on Fine Art America, a free web site for artists to upload their work. The web site makes their money by selling prints of the art work on display. Artists do get a fee for the use of the image, and can offer the original work for sale. So far I haven't uploaded much in the way of images and I am not sure how many I will load. I doubt I will sell anything but who knows, and one thing for sure if I don't post anything then I will never sell anything.

That is it for today. Comments per usual welcome. Hope everyone who is enjoying summer is staying as cool as possible this year.