Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Photos

It is fall here in New England, meaning that the weather is turning cold, and the trees are turning colors. This isn't turning out to be a good year for fall color, the summer was too hot and dry, but still there is some. For the past week I have been visiting various parks and sanctuaries making photographs.  Tonight a major storm is predicted which will bring lots of wind and rain, who knows how many leaves will be left on the trees afterwords so I though I would post photos of what I have captured. I enjoyed making them I hope you enjoy looking. The above photo was made today in my local park.

A couple of Milkweed seeds caught on some late blooming goldenrod.

Some fall asters still blooming despite our chilly overnight temps. 

The photo above was made a week ago at Stony Brook, a MA Audubon sanctuary.  Not much fall color then, but the sky was very blue and mostly cloudless, a beautiful day.

Above is a composite image of four photos of New England Asters, a native wild flower that has several natural color variants, most of these photos were made at North River, another MA Audubon site.

Hope you enjoyed these photos, my next post will be more of my art work, though I feel that photographs can be just as much art as my drawings or quilts.