Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November 23 Session Drawings

 Above is last nights graphite pencil drawing. Not sure how I feel about it at the moment. She was wearing red gloves and I have been tempted to add some red colored pencil to the image but probably won't do that. Once done there would be no way to remove it if I decided I didn't like it.

There was quite a crowd last night, nine total, most were first timers (I think, at least I haven't seen them at any of the long sessions I have attended since June) After the low attendance at the last couple of sessions Scott is probable trying to get more folks to come and help pay for the model.  Though with the pose we had last night having so many folks made getting a slot a bit tricky. The area to the left of the model (the viewers left) had a view where the artist couldn't see her face only part of the back of her head and the far right wasn't so hot either, too much up close foot. One woman did work to the right, but she left out the foot. Actually it was rather a nice drawing.

We did have some excitement around the middle of the session, the lights went out, they almost immediately came back on but some of the lights were very dim. It was especially noticeable because one of the dim lights was the spot that was lighting the model. Scott ran around switching breakers on and off, unplugging the heaters (there are space heaters to keep the model warm) but nothing seemed to do any good. So he switched the outlet that the spot light was plugged into and we went on drawing. Then the lights went out again and stayed out for about 10 minutes, so we just took a break. The outage was not just the studio, but the local (at least) area. We figure there was an accident or maybe a fire somewhere,  that required there doing things with the power grid. Eventually lights came back on and we went back to drawing. Though we kept hearing a lot of sirens both before the power problem and after.

Below is a quick pen sketch which I did after I had finished the pencil drawing. Scott has been urging me to try some different media and I have the technical pens so I thought why not. I brought a sketch pad, not great paper but for these first few attempts I don't want to use my heavy expensive paper, and did this quick drawing. Model had a slightly different pose, and of course there are some problems with the figure but I sort of like it.

No more images today. I am still working on my new pen and ink drawing, and while I am making progress with the challenge quilt (I am currently quilting it) it still isn't done. Which isn't good because our new challenge was revealed Monday night. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday they decided that the challenge should come out a bit early, bother this really puts me behind.

Oh well, I want to take the time to wish all of my US readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you each have the holiday you desire, good food, with family and/or friends that you enjoy.