Sunday, January 9, 2011

Countdown 6 days left

Cracked Nuts

I am back home in MA, the flight home from Chicago was no problem at all, in fact we arrived early into Boston on the 4th. Since I  have been home I have been concentrating on getting my Arthouse Sketchbook project done. As the title says I have only 6 more days before the mailing deadline.  Here are the seven pages I have actually finished since getting home. I have 4 more sketched but not finished which will leave me with 9 pages still to do. Well there is also the back page, but I think I will do something simple on that one, like THE END. I know I will be totally out of ideas by then so something simple will be best.

The image above is walnuts with a nut cracker.  This one is mainly pen and ink with just a bit of colored pencil work to add interest. The next image is of a target with some arrows stuck into and around it.

Target Practice
The concept with the target is hitting it or totally missing (the one in the ground), inside the bulls-eye or outside.  I decided to not put one in the exact center, after all with the other two arrows so off, I don't think my archer is very good so I couldn't justify having them hit a bulls-eye.

Circle Dance
 For Circle Dance I was going to draw paper dolls in a circle, but I found it a concept easier to think up than to actually draw so my dancers became far more simple. I added color so the viewer could tell them apart. I didn't intend this drawing to represent any particular dance or event, it is whatever you the viewer want it to be.
Parachute Jump
Not sure this one really works, I had a hard time finding reference photo's and had to combine a couple.  I should have indicated a figure still on the plane, but I didn't see how I could with the size of the plane so this is what I ended up with. 

Horse Chestnut
 With this page I have gone back to food, well sort of, horse chestnuts aren't eatable, but they are a nut and a fruit so I feel they go with the rest of the foods I have done. This was actually fun to do, I love the colors of a ripe horse chestnut.

Glass of Wine
Another food related page, this one has a wine bottle with a glass of wine, and a cork. This is totally out of my imagination, so the details are probably totally wrong. Should probably have added a loaf of bread and plate of pasta to go with the wine, but I need to get these done. 

Snow fall
This one is just pen and ink, another drawing totally out of my brain, well except for the snowflakes, I did download some reference photos for those. With this page I had the most fun drawing the letters for the title. Otherwise I think it is just so so.  Course with the weather here on the east coast snow has been on the brain. Not that we got much where I live, we didn't, only a couple of inches. Most seems to have gone west of us or north of us. Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, last thing I want/need to do is shovel show.

Enough for today. I need to get back to the 4 pages that are sketched in but not finished, and I would really like a nap. I seem to have caught a cold and have been bonding with a Kleenex box most of the afternoon. Doubt I will make drawing tomorrow night, I don't want to spread this around to my fellow artists.  Still I think I will feel well enough to work on my drawings so hopefully will have another update of pages in a couple of days. Per usual comments are welcome.