Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd Sketchbook Project

Rescue Me
 I am making progress with my sketchbook, here are another 5 pages finished. If I can think up 20 more ideas I may get this done in time to send back to the Art House. Above is a fairly simple drawing, the dancer in the sketchbook is asking to be rescued from it's pages.

The Wolery
The 3 owls above reminded me of Wol (Owl) in Winnie the Pooh, so the title for this page is Owl's name for his home.
Chock full o'Nuts
When I was younger and lived in CT, (back in the 1960's) Chock full o'Nuts had stores everywhere in NYC. Since I don't like coffee I was never much interested, and I know how it used to annoy me that when I was hungry downtown on a Sat. they were about the only places open. Of course they didn't serve anything other than coffee or nuts. Not what I wanted for lunch.  Their web site says that they again have a store in Manhattan but I have no clue where.  The drawing is the remains of a bag of pistachios, a nut that we all love in my family. Need I add that I had to be fairly quick to get this drawing made as the nuts disappeared quickly.

Bats in the Belfry
My Sister suggested this one, which turned out to require more drawing than I think she thought it would, still I rather like how the bat turned out so I am not displeased.

Mock Turtle Soup Please
The last image for today is of a couple of turtles. One is hiding in his shell and the other is strolling along. The title is the turtles view of turtle soup - please have Mock Turtle instead, as mentioned in Alice in Wonderland.

Per usual comments are always welcome. The above drawings are done with colored pencil or technical pens with india ink.