Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sketchbook Project Final Post

Padlock Key
This is my final post with images from the ArtHouse Sketchbook Project I participated in. I probably should have posted these the other day, but I was so pleased to have finished my latest quilt that I decided to make that the focus of the post. So here they are, these are the final 4 images I created to fill up those last pages in the sketchbook. None of them are fantastic, and with a couple the linkage to my theme is a bit tenuous (Inside, Outside). But they got done and I mailed the book off to Brooklyn Saturday the 15 of January.

The page above shows an old fashioned padlock, open, with a key. This is one of those that are a bit of a stretch, my thoughts at the time were to show the lock as outside, with the key which would go inside the lock.

Envelope Please
 The above page is a bit more on theme, an open envelope with a folded note, the note was inside the envelope and is now outside. You only see the outside of the note, not the text that would be inside. I used colored paper to suggest the notes contents, but otherwise what the note is about is up to the viewer. 
Balls & Blocks
The original sketch for this page only had the balls and blocks on it. I added the bag in the background when I was coloring the page. Not sure why balls and blocks but I felt like it, a playful ending to my book, and I wanted to be able to use bright colors on this one. 

This is the end page, simple, a repeat of the floral design I used on the front page, a closed book and the word End.

This may be the end of one Sketchbook Project, but it isn't the end of my challenges. I am now in the process of investigating and drawing in my new Sketchbook Challenge sketchbook. The theme for this month is Highly Prized. I admit I am having problems working with this theme. Perhaps because I tend to not think in those terms about people, or things in my life. I have worked on a couple of pages which I will share, but so far I don't feel that I am successfully working with this theme.   Until next time, remember that comments are always welcome.

With this page I came to the end of my project, and today's blog post.