Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, Brrrr

Cold, we have gone back into the freezer though not the deep freeze thankfully. After a warmish week last week the past two days have been cold, it seemed esp cold last night, but I think part of that is the wind that came along. Still I know I shouldn't complain, at least we aren't getting buried in snow like the upper Midwest. I think that storm is moving south of us.

Above is last nights drawing. The model was one I have drawn before, but I think I did a better job capturing her last night then I have in the past. Still I wonder if I have some things right. she doesn't seem to have much of a neck, but that was the pose. I suppose I could have elongated her neck a bit for the image, but then I would have had issues with her arms. Also not sure about the foot position, she kept shifting it after each break so this is sort of a composite image. Still it was a lovely pose for us artists. I might have made a better drawing from a different position, but part of my personal discipline is to draw the pose from the position I pick prior to the model taking it. That said there have been times when I have moved, usually only when I consider my view of the pose not attractive for the model.

I don't have any other drawings today, so though I would close with a photograph I made in a local shopping center last Friday. It was warm that day and you can see the water runoff from the snow mound.  I wish I had a before photo for comparison. I would guess that it was at least a third higher than what you are seeing. We had about an inch of snow Sunday into Monday morning, but today is sunny and clear, if cold.

That is it for today. I am working on more animal pen and ink drawings and hope to have at least one to post toward the end of the week. That is if I can replace the bulb in my work lamp. It started flickering over the weekend, and I have discovered that it isn't the type of bulb that is carried at Target. I have also joined another ATC swap, the theme of this one is Owls. That should be fun, I just need to research more images prior to starting. Per usual comments are welcome.