Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Day of Spring

Brockton, MA. Fields Park

Yesterday was the first day of spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. Course that meant we had snow to celebrate the event. I made the above photo yesterday afternoon in my local park. You can see the snow on the trees in the distance. I have other photographs that show the snow more clearly, I will put them on my Facebook fan page. A link to liking my fan page is at the bottom of the blog. On the plus side it wasn't much snow and it didn't last very long. In fact it was gone by the time I headed home after my drawing session.

Below is last nights drawing:

Back to young women as model this week. We have had her as a model a couple of times before in the past year.  She is a slender and rather petite young woman, though I am not sure you can tell that from my drawing. I didn't really captured her face, but the face I managed is OK. A portrait of the model isn't the goal of these weekly sessions, though some times I manage it.

It was sort of a strange evening, maybe the snow kept folks away since we were missing a couple of our regulars so it was a small group.  We usually have music playing in the background while we draw, last nights  was a strange mix, a Native American Flute player, some Medieval Lute music, and a bit of Old Blue Eye's (Frank Sinatra). It was just a bit of Frank, as Scott didn't care for the style of the song. We went back to the Flute music which was very "New Age" and rather soothing to create art to.

Over the weekend I finished another of the shell drawings.

I have to admit that I am quite pleased with these drawings. They are the sort of thing that I look at and think: did I actually draw that? I am planning on matting them and then seeing if I can sell them, probably on Esty. The question of course is what to charge for them. They are small but do represent several hours of work. Well I will ponder the question but am also open to suggestions.

That is it for today. Comments are always welcome.