Friday, March 25, 2011

More Shells and others

I have been busy this week. Not quite sure why, maybe the longer days with some sun are motivating me to work on my drawings. Or perhaps I have just run out things to read. Reading is my downfall. If I get sucked into a book everything else tends to take a back seat. I wish I could say that my reading included lots of good non-fiction works, but that isn't true. I tend to read mysteries, science fiction/fantasy and some romance, all enjoyable but not heavy reading. Anyway I have 4 images to post today. Above is one of my Zentangle animals, in this case a pair of ducks.  The ducks have been drawn for a bit and I just finally got around to doing the fill work and the background for them.

Below is something a bit different. I was looking at images posted on flicker for the Sketchbook Project, yes I am still sort of following along with what they are doing, and saw an image of a geranium that someone had done. I though oh, I want to do my own version of that, so I looked on-line for reference photographs and eventually came up with the drawing below. I am not quite done with geranium's though, I have another drawing in the works that hopefully I will have done over the weekend so I can post it next week. A slightly different take of the plant in the window.

I semi like the one above. I like how I colored the pot and the leaves. Don't care so much for the flowers and I am mad at myself for drawing the pot too large. I have this tendency to make pots too large when I am drawing them with flowers, I do the same thing with vases. Have no clue why but it annoys me no end. Guess I will just have to redo this until I get it right. Practice isn't a bad thing, and this one isn't totally wrong as is, just a bit strange.

Below are 2 more shell drawings:

The one above is a bit different in a couple of ways, I am showing more sand texture and one of the shells is not whole. I based the drawing on a shell I picked up on a beach in California on one of my visits. Again the colors I use are not realistic, only the outlines are accurate depictions of the shells. I try to use fills to suggest shapes and shadows but otherwise they are out of my imagination.

Below is my last image for today, more shells.

On this one I feel that I messed up the sea urchin a bit, but otherwise it is OK. All drawings today are drawn within four inch squares on hot press watercolor paper which is approx. 7.5 inches square. This makes them relatively small, so fairly quick to do. Ink work is done with my technical pens and the color is done with watercolor pencils. Images are have all been scanned on my scanner, resulting in some color discrepancies, but not by much.

That is it for today. The FFFC group announced a new challenge today, and I am thinking that I should try to do it. Hmm, well we will see, in the meantime I need to finish a couple more animal drawings that have been started but not finished and work on another one that is a bit different. Any and all comments are welcome. Please feel free to let me know if you are enjoying these drawings.