Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Zentangles - sort of

Above is the latest of my animal drawings. I am not sure what to call them, I don't think they are really Zentangles. As I understand Zentangles you are supposed to start with an abstract string (line) and then fill in the page. I am starting with a very accurate drawing of an animal and then working from there. I use geometric lines to fill in the animal shape and then add some additional fills to provide a background. But I never completely fill in the drawing area with texture. I like white space, and feel that it is important to a drawing. I will occasionally do a pen and ink work with little or no white space, as I did last year with my pears, but the even stipple I used for the background of the pears serves the same purpose; a place for the viewers eye to rest.

Below is an image of another pen and ink drawing. Again all of these little works are done on hot press watercolor paper using Technical pens. The paper is approximately 7.5 inches square and most of the drawings are done in a 4 inch square.

I call this one Fantasy Garden Take 2. I have thought about coloring it, but decided I have too many small areas to want to use water color, and I don't want to use colored pencil on this one.  These take me back to the pencil drawings I did when I was younger working with shapes and textures. Pencil gives more range of tone, but ink has its advantages, better contrast with the paper for one thing.

I have more animals drawn waiting for me to fill them in and finish the rest of the drawing, so watch this space for more images. I am open to suggestions if any one has a specific animal they would like to see rendered this way. In the meantime I am still waiting for my House ATC cards. A lot of the others have received theirs but mine still seem to be in transit. I will post images here when I do finally receive them. That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.