Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Art Festival recap

Sunday was Massasoit Community College's 3rd annual Arts Festival. It is just a one day event from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and while they have some craft vendors who have tables and sell their work the main focus of the event is the art shows. The have 3 separate shows for 3 different groups. The first and probably the largest is the juried show for the High School art students. This year they had 5 local High Schools participating. Sorry, I didn't get any photos of the students work, but take it from me some of them are quite good. The next group show is for the Massasoit Students who are participating in the various art programs the school is running. Here the quality of the work was very good. Again I didn't make any photographs of that exhibit. Above and below are pictures of the hired tent where the Open Juried art was displayed.

I just wanted to give you a view inside the tent, so I didn't focus on any one work. I only had one drawing accepted but I did receive a Honorable Mention for it so I guess I did OK. Still it would have been nice to have won a higher award. I have to admit it was unlikely, my drawing was too small, though it probably took me just as long to do as some of the other larger works on display. That said I don't think I am willing to change how I work for one small show.

Part of the Festival events was the auctioning off of the Birdhouses made by the Faculty. Below is a photograph of Scott in his regalia doing his best patter to encourage the buyers. Behind him on the table was one of the silent raffle baskets. I didn't get to the show early enough to check out either the bird houses or the baskets but from what I saw later all were very nice.

By the time I arrived Scott had already started the auction. I did get to see a few of the birdhouse while they were being auctioned off. Some were very fun, though a lot were pottery and I don't think very practical for birds, still they would look pretty as inside decor. Some were certainly conversation pieces.

I also arrived too late to see the steamroller printing of the giant print. The theme this year was "26 Views of the Blue Hills" Below is a photograph of one of the finished prints. Not sure how I feel about the blue ink, but I like most of the block images. I think it was nicely done. Oh the bottom panel is for the Copperhead snakes that were known to den and live in one section of the Blue Hills. Not a part I usually walk near so I don't worry too much about them.

At least they lucked out with the weather, though it was cloudy most of the day with only a few seconds of sunlight they didn't really get any rain. All in all I think the event went well and I believe will be held again next year.

Below is my drawing from last night. At one point during the evening I really didn't feel that it was coming together well. I semi like the end result. She doesn't really look like the model, but I guess that is OK, no reason really why she should.  It was a fairly quiet session, only 4 of us besides Scott.

Enough for today. I need to go make more art. I think the gloomy weather we have been having has put me off and am trying hard to get motivated. Part of my search for motivation has me checking out various blogs. I found one that I really enjoy a lot it is called Sketching in Nature and content is provided by several preselected artists from different countries. Anyone can contribute to their flickr group as long as the content is appropriate but the blog is moderated.

Enough for today, per usual comments and/or questions are welcome.