Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 16th Figure Drawing and a Zentangle

Above is last nights drawing. Scott pulled a chair and an ottoman together to make something similar to a chase lounge so our model could lay prone on it. She was then lit with some very dramatic lighting. I was almost the only one who chose to draw her from this view. Most of the gathered artists chose a more frontal view opposite to my position. I suppose I could have moved, but actually I sort of enjoyed drawing this pose. It certainly was a challenge. Not sure I  have her face correct. She had a tendency to turn her head even more to the side so that my view was less rather than more of her face. Not to mention that I don't usually draw faces where I see more of the underside of the chin than of the front of the face. Still overall I am happy with this drawing and how it came out.

Below is a pen and ink drawing that I finished coloring yesterday.

Another of my take on Zentanles. This one I started with just one meandering line, which I then proceeded to pretty much ignore after I had reached a certain point with the drawing. After I was done with the inking I decided to experiment with my Inktense and watercolor pencils and add color. I call this Dragonfly Fantasy, because of the 3 dragonflies drawn on the right side of the image. My goal was to work on blending colors together. I used frisket to mask various areas while I painted the background, and then for some areas I went in after removing the frisket and added color. Not sure how I feel about this piece. I like some of it, but other parts underwhelm me. Guess I will just have to try again and see what happens.

My final image for today is a close up photograph of a columbine blossom.

Isn't it lovely. I really love the colors in this photograph which I made last week at Stony Brook, a MA. Audubon site. They have a garden area around the site's center and a wild columbine was madly blooming away in it. Since from our weather forecast I am not going to be able to get out to make more photographs until at least Sunday I will just have to enjoy this one. I have posted other photographs I made at Stony Brook on my Facebook fan page for anyone interested. Hope your weather isn't as damp or as chilly as mine is here in the Northeast. Signing off for today, per usual comments are always welcome.