Friday, May 6, 2011

May Drawing a Day and Zentangles

I seem to be more productive this week. Above is the Zentangle I was working on last week finished. I also have both tulip drawings inked and ready to have watercolor added. Below is the Zentangle finished but prior to my adding the color. Color does emphasize certain design elements. I am not sure which one I prefer, but of course it is too late to go back to the plain black and white image. The yellow was actually done with my Inktense pencil, not watercolor. The watercolor yellows seem pale when applied, and I wanted this yellow to stand out.

Other than working on the tulip drawings I have also been doing some quick sketches. These are for a project I stumbled upon while reading various blogs. I know I have mentioned that I subscribe to several Art related newsletters. The one I have been receiving the longest is ArtBiz published by Alyson Stanfield she often has suggestions about how to get your art noticed. Some of her suggestions aren't applicable to me, yet. But others I can implement. One is comment on others blogs. Well I realized that I don't read a lot of Art Blogs, obviously I can't comment if I don't read, so in the past week I have been trying to discover blogs that I like to read and can potentially comment on. I am not going to comment unless I have something to say so I need to find blogs that I feel connected to.

You would think it would be easy to find Art Blogs, but I found you can't just Google them. Well I did find something, but it was sort of a dead end, so I decided to start with a "art" Blog I already follow, the Sketchbook Challenge. On Monday this week artist Ann Hyde was profiled and a link to her blog was provided.

Ann paints watercolors and on her blog shows in-process photographs of how she moves from the starting sketch to the finished painting. Since I am trying to learn how to paint with watercolor I immediately bookmarked her blog so I can continue to follow it. But I also noticed a link to a flickr group call EDM Every Day in May.  After reading her May 1st post about the project of making a drawing a day based on the word that has been assigned then posting it to the flickr group, I though why not, and joined the group. So below are my first two drawings.

The subject for May 4th was Salt and Pepper, so I did a quick pencil sketch of my salt and pepper shakers.

Yesterdays subject was scissors, and for this one I drew a pair of my small utility scissors. I use these all the time for threads, fabric trimming, and sometimes paper trimming. The original sketch was done with graphite pencil and then I added color using my colored pencils. Another fairly quick drawing. I think all my weekly session drawings are paying off in ways I hadn't anticipated. I have drawn scissors before, and the last time it took me much longer to create an accurate drawing.

I need to play catch up as I missed several days, but I do want to keep up now that I have started, and I want to keep these as quick drawings, not masterpieces but studies. Check out the flickr group to see what has been done by the other members of the group. The overall quality of the art is much higher than what is in the Sketchbook Challenge so enjoy.

Enough for today. As always comments are welcome, and I am open to suggestions of blogs I should check out.