Thursday, May 19, 2011

News and EDM drawing

I wanted to share the drawing I made yesterday for the Every Day in May Challenge. The challenge for the day was to draw some hair. So I decided early on that I would draw a person. Ah but who, that was the question.

I needed to go out yesterday afternoon to pick up the 2 drawings that were not accepted into the Massasoit Art Fair show. The third drawing I submitted was accepted and actually has received an Honorable Mention. Go figure, all I can think is that the other two were just too small for what they wanted in the show. The one accepted I put into a larger frame, and well it is the probably the best work of the three so I can't complain. Can't complain anyway, this is a juried show and you just never know what the judge is thinking when he/she selects the works of art. Oh, if any of my readers live in the Greater Boston area the Art Fair is this coming Sunday at the Massasoit Canton Campus from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Back to my drawing for the day. On my way back from the Canton Campus I stopped in Fields Park to make some photographs and to walk. Luckily for me it had stopped raining though it was a bit foggy, still I was able to photograph some geese, the lake, some fishermen and a mother and daughter. Below is the photo I used as reference. Needless to say for the drawing I cropped the photo, even the reference photo below is cropped from the original.  Love the goose and mother interaction, though I am pretty sure that all the goose was looking for was something to eat. This location on the lake is where a lot of people come to feed the birds. Should I admit that the photo was basically a happy accident? Well not quite I did make the decision to make it in the first place and I decided to use it when I was reviewing the photographs when I got home.

One last photograph for today.

I actually made this photograph last Thursday, the penultimate day of sunshine before the gloom set it. Look closely and you will see the white butterfly nestled in among the white blossoms. I love photographing butterflies, not an easy subject so when I manage a good one I want to show it off.

That is it for today. I need to go create some art. Comments and questions are always welcome, and if you want to see the rest of my drawings for the Every Day in May you can click on the link to either my flickr site or the EDM flickr group.