Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Figure Drawing, June 14

Above is last nights figure drawing. I seem to be working in a slightly looser style, not as finished or polished as what I was doing last fall even. I am not saying this is good or bad, just making a comment. The model was sitting upright on a chair last not, not a typical pose for these sessions, and though there were strategically placed pillows I think the model was feeling some pain by the end of the session. Still she did very well for her first time posing holding pose between the breaks extremely well. There was a bit of shifting, esp. with the arm that was resting on the chair back (there was a pillow underneath some draped fabric)

For the most part I think I am pleased with it, but I will have to let it set a few weeks before I really know for sure.

We didn't have a large turn out for this session, some of our usual attendees took part in a special class over at the North River Arts Society (Marshfield Hills, MA) with a visiting instructor. Still it was a good evening.

The image above is a work in progress. It is a colored pencil drawing of a clematis bloom. I think I have the background the way I want it. and now need to finish the center, and the petals. The petals are almost there, just need to add a bit more blue to the edges and then the pink stripes down the middle. I think I will need to do some test drawings to find the right pencil color/colors to give me the proper pink.

The dark green areas in the background have been done using a under layer of red (Geranium Lake) with an over layer of green. A reminder from my Color and Design II class that to darken a color add it's complement. The rule was for paint, but it also works with colored pencils. The ideal is to avoid the use of black in a painting as it is a dead color. Using the complement creates a dark value that has more life.

Below is the photograph I am using as reference for the above drawing.

I made this photograph a couple of weeks ago of a beautiful clematis blooming in a neighbors front yard. The other side of the lamp post has a lovely purple clematis blooming, but I thought this pink and white flower more of a challenge. Notice that I am brave enough to only tackle the one flower. I will think about doing another version if the first comes out well.

Since I have been a member of the Wetcanvas site, I have been reading the colored pencil forum, looking at others works and picking up some tips on how to use colored pencils. One piece of information that I picked up and want to pass on to my readers is the Colored Pencil Studio web site. There you will find all sorts of information about colored pencils and watercolor pencils. Evaluations on the best pencils on the market, what kinds of papers to use with your pencils and tips on how to draw with colored pencils. I consider it a great find.

I do have one final comment for today. For years I have tried to be as realistic with my work as I could possibly be. I am slowly discovering that I while I may admire works that are photographic realistic, I don't think of them as works of art. I think it is because there is nothing of the artist in such drawings. I find I want to see the artists hand in the artwork. If this makes the works less then perfect so be it. Just my thoughts for the day. Per usual comments and questions are always welcome.