Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lemons and Photo's

Apologies for the lack of postings this week. It has been hot here in the Northeast, and when it is hot about the only thing I feel like doing is reading. Doing art will take my mind off the heat, but as my hand starts to stick to the paper it does get a bit more difficult. So most of my drawing has been on hold since last weekend. I did manage to do a quick drawing last night of these three lemons. Done with a Pigma pen, the 005 tip on just sketchbook paper from a reference photograph. Not great but not bad and at least it is some art for the week.

Next week the life sessions start up again so I should have more work to show. I was going to get a bunch of portraits done. Oh well, no reason why I can't fit them in between other works anyway. I really need to finish that flower stipple work. Wish me luck.

Though I haven't been drawing I have been taking advantage of breaks in the  heat to take some walks in either State Parks or MA Audubon sites. The photo's above I made last Saturday in Massasoit State Park, East Taunton, MA. Pictures are Purple Loosestrife on the top left, Depford Pinks on the upper right, a green dragonfly lower left, and Blue Vervain in the lower right.

We have just had 2 days of beautiful summer weather. Actually Thursday was almost too cool, with temps only in the mid 70's as a high. Yesterday was a bit warmer with temps in the low 80's. I took advantage of the fact that it was a Friday to head down to the Cape for another visit to the Long Pasture Audubon sanctuary.

Above are just a few of the photos I made yesterday. The upper left photo is Heal-all with an Ox eye daisy blooming right next to it. The top middle photograph shows a copper colored beetle sitting on a old clover blossom. The top right photo is of one of the few orange flowers, Butterfly-weed. This one has a bee visitor and I photographed it in the center's garden so you can see some day lilies blooming behind it. The lower left pink flower is one of the mallow's not sure which as I wasn't really paying attention to the leaves. Also this is a planted garden so while I think they mostly choose wild flowers it may also be a garden variety. The lower middle is a butterfly on some clover. I am sure the butterfly is a type of Skipper, but no clue which one. The image at the lower right is a seed head of some Dandelion like flower.

One photo I wish I had but don't is of the blooms on the Mimosa Tree. Problem is the only branches blooming were up high and as there wasn't a ladder handy I could only photograph from the ground and the results just don't look like much. The tree on the site is quite large I would say it probably reaches the max. size for this variety of tree (30-40 feet).

I wanted to photograph butterflies yesterday, but they weren't cooperating. However, I did see quite a few, several monarchs (I did photograph one but the photo isn't good), some yellow butterflies I wasn't close enough to identify, and a lovely black and gold one that just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to photograph.  Oh well I will have to try again another day.

I also heard and saw a lot of birds, several chickadees, probably a nuthatch or two, song sparrows, and a pair of cardinals, both the bright red male and drabber female. Can you tell I really enjoyed my outing, and will try to get back again this year. The tide was in when I arrived so there are no beach photos from this trip.

Enough for today. I hope you enjoy looking at my flower photos as much as I enjoy making them. I try to select the best to show on the blog. Photos are often cropped and sometimes lightened but otherwise not manipulated. Per usual comments are welcome.