Friday, July 8, 2011

Portrait Studies and more

A couple more of my portrait studies today. The first above is of a young girl who has been swimming so her  hair is wet. She is leaning forward because she was about to get into a wading pool and was talking to another child in the pool. Not sure how well I have done this.

The drawing above is done from a photograph in People Magazine. He is an actor though not one that I recognize. I think I have the face too long, between the eyes and the mouth. I hope the shadow at the top of his forehead works to indicate that his hairline is receding, despite the amount of hair he has elsewhere on his head.

As you can probably guess I am selecting my subjects to give me variety, young, middle aged, male, female, African American. Part of the purpose of this exercise is to give me practice drawing various faces with different expressions.

Below is an update on the flower pen and ink drawing I am working on.  

Background darks are filling in nicely and I have started with some of the flowers and the leaf areas. So far I am pleased with how this is coming along. Stippling takes forever esp. to get the really dark areas. It should go faster when I am working mainly on the flowers.

One last photo to share:

I made this Monday during the sunset. It is a view looking toward Boston, MA. (the skyline in the distance) from Nahant. I love the colors that grey/blue with the pink sky.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.