Friday, September 9, 2011

Gloomy Days

Today's title references the weather, we have had rain and clouds for the past 3 days and this morning I woke to more clouds. Now the sun is peaking through occasionally and the forecast for the afternoon is sunshine. I just hope they are right, I want to get out and about today after being stuck inside. Poor camera is feeling neglected.

The only good thing about the weather is that I have been working on a couple of drawings. The first two images are of the same drawing, the one above is the final with a more definite suggestion of a horizon, the one below is my initial finished version. I posted it on Wetcanvas and someone made the suggestion that a horizon might be a good idea. So what do my viewers think. The drawing isn't sprayed so I can take the lightly drawn horizon trees out if I want. Just not sure I want to.  They do break up that empty middle space.

Obviously parts of this drawing are fantasy while the dragonflies are based on photographs I have made this summer. My title for the work is Tethered, but I am open to other suggestions.

Below is the second version of a work with my stylized sun:

Went with a different format for this one, square instead of rectangle, and I used the white Stonehendge instead of the grey. Some parts of this I like but others not so much. Not sure what that birdhouse is doing there except I needed something in that lower right corner and I was drawing birdhouses in the Nature Journal not too long ago.

I am thinking about trying again to use that sun, third time the charm, right?

No Journal pages today, with the rain I haven't been out to any of my sanctuaries or reserves. Below are a couple of photographs I made last week at Stony Brook.

Not sure what this fungus is, the dead tree they were growing out of was still standing so that made them easy to photograph. Then the sunlight was in the right direction for some great cast shadows. Sometimes a photographer gets lucky.

Then there was this:

Again I haven't been able to identify the type of fungus, the photo is a bit misleading as it is only a couple of inches high. I noticed the color in the leaf litter otherwise might have missed it altogether.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are always welcome, and today I would love your opinion about which version of Tethered you prefer.