Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WIPS, Journal Page, and Figure Dwg.

These first two images aren't very exciting right now, but I wanted to post them anyway. They can give you a glimpse into how I go about making some of my art.

The above drawing is my 2nd take on the leaf design I created a couple of weeks ago. This will be a larger work about 7 x 9 inches for drawing area. So far all I have done is trace in the leaf pattern and outline it with ink. Will probably start inking areas today.

The rather faded image below is Take 3 on the sun design I was working with last month. This is actually smaller then the first two works, only 6 inches square. The light marks are still just pencil as I design the elements I want to add to the sun.

Sorry the pencil is so light, but I don't want to add ink until I am sure I want to go this way with this. The sun is already inked.

Below is my field page from an outing I made Saturday to Ames Nowell State Park, Abington, MA.

I visited this park for only the second time on Saturday. I really don't know a lot about this park other than the lake is man made and there is no swimming only fishing and some boating (no motors). The trees seem to be consistently young so I am guessing that it hasn't been a park for very long. The write ups I can find on-line for this park don't give any history or even a date when it was established.

My drawings are of the group gather shelter (worked on by a Eagle Scout troop) which is near the lake but not on it, and of some Wintergreen plants. Wintergreen is another of the common ground covers found in our local woods. The glossy oval leaves will stay green all winter. Both the leaves and berries when crushed give off the scent of wintergreen.

I got a bit, well lost isn't the correct term, but confused might work, not knowing that the trails don't go around the lake, I tried to do just that and ended up making a much longer visit and walk than I intended. My knees are still recovering.

Below is my figure drawing from last nights session.

Not much so say, I wasn't in good form last night, and spent way too long trying to get all the parts in the right place and in the right relationship. The eraser really got a work out, and there are areas I am still not sure about.  I seem to be struggling a bit with my figure drawing these past couple of weeks. I know I just have to continue working on it and hopefully things will work out. Rough patches are part of creating art.

I am leaving you with one last image.

The photo above is a rocky outcrop I came across in Ames Nowell. This is a fairly typical formation for this part of the country. Rocks are far too common in fields, which is why the early settlers built stone walls. The lake is just on the other side of this outcrop. Notice how young the trees are, fairly typical for many areas in the park. I would guess that not that long ago this was once all open farmland.

That is it for today. Per usual comments are welcome. Thanks for looking.