Friday, October 21, 2011

Every Day Matters and Journal Pages

First two drawings today are from a list of challenges created by a group called Every Day Matters. I believe it all started on a blog and has morphed into a Yahoo Group, a Facebook group and a Flickr Group.   The list of challenge subjects has grown to be over 280 challenges long. A new challenge is released every week, so you can see that this group has been running for years. I found the group through one of my Flickr contacts and requested to join.

That was over a month ago. I have been reading the group, checking out links, but not doing any of the challenges until the past couple of days. I did pull out a blank Journal I had around the house and started to set it up to be used for these challenges, but wasn't motivated to draw. Mainly because I was working on other things.

Finally I got around to starting this journey. So above are my first drawings for the challenge, a shoe and  a cup. I don't intend to always draw the challenges in order. And since I have realized the the drawings I did for the Every Day in May Challenge are actually from the Every Day Matters list, I won't be re-drawing them.  Not sure how often I will be doing or even posting these. But I want to get back to drawing everyday, and this list is a great source of subjects.

Below are two more of my Nature Journal Pages:

Above is from a visit to Borderland State Park, Easton, MA on October 15th. The drawings are just leaves, top is a Yellow Poplar leaf, in the middle is a leaf from a Box Elder and the bottom is a fern of some variety. I have tried to identify it a bit more specifically, but so far no luck.

It was a beautiful day and the park was full of visitors, human, dog (on leashes) and mallard ducks. The ducks were on the ponds, the humans and dogs on the trails.

Below is from my Monday visit to Daniel Webster Sanctuary.

A very breezy day, but also another nice one before the rains came back to visit us. Drawings on this page are the tree stump the turtles love to sun on, saw 8 of them crammed together at one point. I draw it because I can use it as a guide for how high or low the water level is. This week it was lower than last week but not by much.

The next two drawings are both of a Wild Radish plant, the middle one of the flower/seed stalk, and the bottom of one of it's leaves. These plants grow around/in the stone dump which is up on Fox Hill, an observation point in the Sanctuary. They have been blooming all summer, and I thought it was time to recognize them.

Below are two photographs from my park visits.

Not sure what these are, a type of grape I think, it isn't the best photograph but I love the colors of the grapes. I have not used Photoshop on this other than to crop the photo, the colors are as they were, amazing aren't they, ranging from turquoise to purple.

It is so easy to walk by this type of thing and not notice just how beautiful the natural world can be.

This last image was made Monday at Daniel Webster. Canada Geese flying over the pond. I can't recall right now if they were taking off or landing, but either way I rather like this photograph.

That is it for today, per usual comments are welcome.