Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Figure Drawing, Journal Pages and Mushroom update

Another update on my mushrooms colored pencil drawing. I am sure at this point you are wondering why it is taking me so long. Well that is sort of the nature of colored pencils to take a long time to do. The color has to be layered, and layered again before you get the depth of color I, at least, am looking for. This drawing is getting there but still have some background and foreground work to do, then probably some touch up on the mushrooms. But it is getting there.

Below is a spread from my Nature Journal about a visit to Daniel Webster Sanctuary Oct. 10th.

Drawings are top: a rose leaf. No flowers but with the cooler (but still warm for this time of year) wet weather we have been having a lot of plants have been putting out some new growth including some of the rose bushes on the property. This leaf is from Multiflora rose, those are the roses with the very small clustered blossoms. I can tell the species from all the rose hips that are still on the plant. Many areas in the US consider them an invasive species since they were brought from Asia in the 1860's and are not native.

The lower drawing is of two geese either flying into a field or coming in for a landing. I was able to make several good photos of geese doing both while at Daniel Webster that Monday. The background is a bit made up but works for the sketch.

I am getting a bit behind posting these pages, and may sneak in an additional blog post to catch everyone up. It will depend on the weather and if I manage another outing this week. 

Below is my figure drawing from last night:

Not much to say about this. My problems last night had more to do with the couch than the figure which is unusual for me. The fabric drape is from the first session, as when the model retook the pose the fabric went everywhere but where it had been. So I couldn't add a lot of shadow detail.

It was a very quiet session, with just one other person other than myself showing up to paint/draw. Not sure where everyone was, to early to be Holiday rush and weather wise it was a nice evening.

Last image for today is a Photograph I made at North River, Marshfield on Monday, Oct. 10th:

Yes that is a monarch butterfly, looks newly emerged from its chrysalis doesn't it. There were actually two butterflies at the sanctuary. Hopefully they are both now long gone and on their journey down to Mexico for the winter. This one won't make it back here of course, but it's descendants will sometime next summer.

That is it for today, per usual comments are always welcome.