Friday, October 7, 2011

Journal Pages and Leaves In Progress

I am making progress with this drawing. I have finished the inking (all that I am going to do anyway) and have started adding the colored pencil fills. The tentative title for this is Colors of Fall, so the colors are going to range from browns, greens, reds (more or less) and orange.

I was trying something different with the light green but looking at the scan I am not sure it works so I will probably be reworking that in the next few days. Otherwise I think I like how it is going.

Below are a couple more pages out of my Nature Journal.

Above pages are from another trip to Borderland State Park in Easton, MA last Saturday. The first drawing is of berries on an Indian Cucumber Root. I had photographed this plant in bloom earlier this summer so couldn't pass up the chance to photograph an update with the berries.

The other two images are from a Sweet Pepperbush, a leaf and a stalk that recently held flowers and is growing seeds. The bushes like damp soil and are often to be found along the shores of ponds, streams and other wet areas.

Otherwise I spent some time walking the trails that wander into the hills away from the ponds. What a lot of rocks this site has, it must have been very poor farmland and the hill areas must have been good only for pasturage. Beech trees with their shallow roots are not at all adverse to spreading their roots over the rock ledges, had to really watch my footing so not to trip.

The second spread for today's posting is from my Monday visit to Daniel Webster, Marshfield, MA:

The mosquitoes were fierce, so I never made it out to Fox Hill. But it was fun to watch the swallows flying over the fields swooping in and out, catching their dinner, hopefully mosquitoes. I picked up the feather, drawn in the middle of the journal page, on the path. There were a lot of smaller feathers scattered around it, so I have a feeling it was the kill site of a small bird by one of the visiting hawks.

I did see a hawk, it was perched on one of the empty bird houses, but too far for me to attempt to photograph it, also too far for me to even make a guess as to what kind of Hawk it was, largish is all I can say.

The other drawings are top: an apple leaf. There are about a half dozen apple trees left on the property, probably an old orchard, they had quite a crop of apples earlier this fall. On one of my visits I noticed a lot of apples on the ground under the trees, but then the deer discovered them and by my next visit they were gone. Since the fallen apples made the air smell like cider I had to wonder if the deer didn't get a bit drunk on their feast.

The bottom drawing is of part of  a stem, with berries and a couple of leaves, from a Winterberry shrub. I see a lot of these bushes with their bright red berries at other Audubon sanctuaries. The birds love the fruit so these bushes are a great source of food for them. The berries will stay on the shrubs after the leaves have fallen, bringing a spot of color to a winter garden.

Finally a couple of photographs, the first of a Milk Weed Pod bursting open and releasing its seeds.

I made this over a week ago at Moose Hill, but thought you might enjoy it.

This second photo is from Borderland State Park:

Just a sample of some of the boulders I saw on my walk. I have uploaded more rock/stone wall photos to my flickr account, you can follow the Blog link to view if you are interested.

That is all for today, per usual comments are welcome.