Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leaves In Process, Figure Dwg. and Journal

Above is an in-progress scan of my second version of my leaf pattern. I have almost inked in all the fill areas, then I will have to think about how I want to color this.

Thinking up different fill patterns is both fun and tiring, the first ones of a drawing session come fairly easily, but then I have to think about what to do in the next area. After a bit I sort of run dry and need to put it aside. One reason why this is taking me so long to get to this stage.

The other reason why I have been so slow with this is that I have been working on drawings in my Nature Journal. The image below is from a visit to Stony Brook, MA Audubon Sanctuary last week.

The sketches on the above page are varied. Top is several views of Beech nuts and the enclosed seeds, each nut has 2 seeds, sort of triangular in shape, with the side where the two abut in the middle flat. The seed pod has short bristles and splits into four sections. They are relatively small and I probably wouldn't have found them except I could hear the nuts falling and really looked for them. The sanctuary has a resident population of red squirrels, they are slightly smaller then the grays, and I am sure will be scarfing up these nuts just as quickly as they can not leaving any for other visitors to find.

Next are a couple of birch tree leaves, to the left another of the European White Birch, and I believe the leaf next to it is a native Paper Birch leaf.  The leaf below those is a White Mulberry. The tree is on the grounds around the Center building at Stony Brook, not far from the mill pond.

The last drawing is a sketch of a Great Blue Heron against the background of the mill pond. I was walking back toward the center when I came to the area they call the spillway (one spot where the surrounding ponds feed water into the main mill pond). To my surprise just on the other side of the bridge was a Great Blue Heron. We gazed at each other briefly then it took off and I grabbed my camera. Those birds are big, and oddly look a darker gray closer up then from a distance. It didn't go too far and I was able to make a couple more pictures. The sketch is based on one of those photos (actual photo at the bottom of today's post).

Below is my figure drawing from last night.

Model is in a classic drawing class pose with traditional lighting. I am pleased with how this came out. After the struggles of a couple of weeks ago it was nice to have a drawing that seemed to just come together. The only area I am not thrilled with is her foot. Ah well feet can be tricky, what else can I say.

The Great Blue Heron is that white/grey area in the lower center of the photo. Actually for my lens this is a good photo. The Great Blues are very shy, and usually I need field glasses to make them out. Wish I had been faster with the camera, then I would have had a wonderful photo.

Enough for today, I am running late with this update as is. Per usual comments are welcome.